Subscribing to a Google Calendar

I have touched on how excellent Google Calendars are in my other article, this one is about subscribing to additional Google calendars on your smart-phone (iOS or Android). 

It is simple enough on either Android or iOS (Apple) but for different reasons. On an Android device you already have a Google account so all you need to do is link the calendar to your account but you have to to it on a computer. On an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc) you can subscribe directly from the device but it can be tricky to get the calendar address. We will start with Android.

Adding a Google Calendar to your Android Device/s

First you need to log into your Google account on a computer. This is the same as your Gmail account. It is also the email and password that you use to buy Android Apps.

click here

Across the top of the page you will see “Search   Images   Maps   …   Calendar”; click on Calendar.