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Lea LaRuffa – be what you believe in…

I think the best adjectives to describe me would have to be Writer, Theorist, Hypothesist, Visionary, Photographer, Dreamer, and Believer.

I have learned that in life there are no true questions and no true answers. We all seek the same thing in life; but no one knows what it is they are after, they just know they are after something.

Geoffrey D Stephenson – Sobraon

Built in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1866 the sailing ship Sobraon served Australia for 75 years (1866-1941). For 25 years until 1891 she carried large numbers of passengers and large cargoes between England and Australia. Then as a reformatory school ship from 1891 until 1911 she was home and a training centre for thousands of disadvantaged Sydney boys. In 1912 the ship was commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy and for 15 years she was a home and training establishment for thousands of boys seeking a career in the new Navy. After being decommissioned in 1927 the ship was sold to a private buyer and, during the 1930s Depression, she was used as a refuge for homeless men. Several attempts were made to preserve the old Sobraon permanently. Unfortunately these attempts failed and, tragically, the ship was finally broken-up in 1941 when the materials of which she was built were utilised in Australia’s war effort. Arguably, no other ship has served Australia so well for so long.